Escaleras mecánicas


Ascensores Carbonell offers a wide range of products to cover transport needs in public and commercial buildings of all kinds. In Ascensores Carbonell we can boast of the large number of people who use our escalators and mobile platforms every day in different parts of the Spanish geography. The intense traffic of passengers and the practically no reception of incidents confirms the successful design, the technological quality and the efficient maintenance on our part in these facilities.

We currently have several facilities in use of escalators and mobile platforms in different shopping centers that receive an intense traffic of passengers on a daily basis, with which a good preventive maintenance of the facilities is crucial to avoid interruptions in the service and the inconvenience of the visitors.

Thanks to our intelligent management of maintenance, our technical team periodically reviews in detail the key elements in the safety of this type of facilities, such as:

  • Emergency stop pushbutton
  • Safety device for loosening the chain of rungs
  • Anti-trapping device in socket
  • Opening contact of the boarding plate

This exhaustive maintenance process, in addition to our 80 years of experience in the vertical passenger transport sector, makes the escalators installed by Ascensores Carbonell comply with the most demanding requirements of the public sector. Our maintenance service costs more than 120 highly qualified professionals and a fleet of 50 vehicles.

We offer a wide range of products to satisfy all the existing needs in public and commercial buildings, with multiple options in terms of materials and finishes. All of them comply with the European regulation EN 115.

Ascensores Carbonell works for you 24 hours, 365 days a year. You will also find our headquarters and our factory in Valencia, we also have branches in Alicante, Castellón and Seville. We remind you that in our contact section you will find our telephones, addresses and a contact form.