Ascensores montacargas


Vertical transport applications for loads accompanied by persons, for highly practical use in the industrial and services sectors (palletised loads, supermarket trolleys, hospital bed lifts, etc.).

Due to its intense use and the heavy loads that have to move throughout the 24 hours a day, the robustness in the manufacture and maintenance of the entire system is essential in this type of elevators.

Therefore, the vast majority of our installed forklifts, normally working 3 shifts a day, have a nightly breakdown service, so that your production or service chain does not stop and the repair time of a breakdown is as low as possible.

Through our intelligent management of maintenance, our assigned technician will perform a specific conservation, carefully reviewing key elements for safety such as cables, door locks, machine, parachutes and pulleys.

We are manufacturers of car lifts with more than 80 years of experience and for that reason our maintenance service of car rails involves more than 120 professionals and a fleet of 50 vehicles.

Ascensores Carbonell works for you 24 hours, 365 days a year. Our breakdown service will give you immediate assistance through our network of maintenance operators, with their own and specific action protocols to ensure maximum speed and efficiency in repairs and rescues.

You will also find our headquarters and our factory in Valencia, we also have branches in Alicante, Castellón and Seville. We remind you that in our contact section you will find our telephones, addresses and a contact form.