What sets us

Immediate breakdown assistance

Good preventive maintenance prevents breakdowns, but if one occurs, our fleet of over fifty vehicles allows us to achieve immediate resolution.

Own factory

We manufacture custom-made elevators. By having our own manufacturing parts, we are able to minimize the downtime of the elevator to the greatest extent possible.

Large stock of spare parts

We have over 2500 references for all types of elevators, lifts, and hoists. Our extensive stock of spare parts allows us to successfully address any incident in the shortest possible time.

Personalized commercial advice

We will always strive to achieve the best solutions. Our sales advisors will carefully study each case and provide personalized guidance.

Product customization

Being manufacturers of custom-made elevators with our own production, we are focused on product customization. If it can be done, we manufacture it, strictly complying with current regulations.

More than 120 employees providing over 24 hours

Our employees will keep your installations in the best conditions. We guarantee the safety and proper functioning of your elevator equipment. We provide 24-hour service throughout the year.

Geolocation tracking

In addition to tracking each elevator through geolocation terminals, we maintain a meticulous control of every request, incident, and repair.

Extensive knowledge of regulations

We always comply with current regulations for elevators, and therefore our entire manufacturing process and actions are focused on strict compliance with these regulations.