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Elevators Carbonell has been working in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of elevators 80 years.

Installation and maintenance elevators in Valencia

Ascensores Carbonell is a Valencian company founded in 1942, dedicated to the maintenance of elevators and the installation of all types of elevators, with 100% family capital. It is currently under the direction of the third generation, which manages the company always with an innovative spirit, identifying challenges and generating solutions.

Throughout its 80 years of history it has more than 10,000 elevators manufactured and installed throughout Spain.


To offer you the best service, we base ourselves on 4 basic pillars:


ISO 9001 Standards and Continuous Process Improvement System, with a responsible commitment to meet the needs of our clients.


18001 Standard
European Lifts Directive 2013/33 / EU


Continuing education activities to update and improve the preparation of all our staff.


A basic objective in all our activities, where quality and good service are decisive values to maintain a lasting relationship with our users.

Installation and maintenance elevators in Valencia

At Ascensores Carbonell we think good service is synonymous with not disturbing. That is why we have been improving the maintenance service for 80 years to make it faster and more efficient. So much so, that most of our repairs are resolved in a matter of hours, and often do not even know that it has broken.

Ascensores Carbonell develops solutions to satisfy all the needs and requirements of customers. We study the situation in each individual case and provide our customers with the best solution in terms of performance and cost.

We have offices in Valencia, Castellón and Sevilla. In Valencia we have our central offices and our factory. We will be happy to assist you personally and study your needs.

  • Immediate attendance of breakdowns

    Our elevator maintenance department has a fleet of more than 50 vehicles.

  • Own factory

    to streamline the repair of any type of incident in the elevator, so that the time without service is as short as possible.

  • Large stock of spare parts

    With more than 2500 references of all types of elevators, forklifts or elevators.

  • Individualized business advice

    In each one of the proposals of our clients, both small repairs of your elevator, and large modernizations

  • Personalization of the product

    Productive system very focused on the personalization of the product. If it can be done, we manufacture it.

  • More than 120 employees serving 24 hours

    They keep the facilities in the best conditions, to guarantee your safety and that of yours.

  • Tracking by geolocation

    Follow-up of the elevator status by means of terminals with geolocation (the personnel that attends the elevator has access from their equipment to the history of each Elevator, each action or request remains registered in the system for an optimization and continuous improvement of the service).

  • Extensive knowledge of the Regulations

    Extensive knowledge of the applicable Regulations on lifting devices, and development of tools and processes for their full compliance.

Bureau veritas

ISO 9001
Important modifications to RD elevators. 88/2013