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ascensores a medida
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Detalle acabado ascensor


Ascensores Carbonell provides suitable installations for all kinds of market needs. We offer quality, reliability and personalised service. Our flexible designs and production processes enable us to provide multiple options tailored to your specific needs. And we meet all your expectations as regards comfort, minimum sound levels during operation, optimised space and reduced power consumption. Quality, reliability and personalized service are the basic characteristics that define each and every one of our jobs.

Thanks to our own production, we can offer multiple options adapted to any need. And because we are obsessed with meeting your comfort expectations, we work to reduce the level of loudness in the operation of our elevators, optimizing the space in each installation and reducing the energy consumption of the installed machines.


Lifts specially designed for use on family homes, providing a more comfortable lifestyle and greater value for your home. These can be adapted to the decoration in your home and also be provided with emergency systems for self-rescue in any circumstances.

Comfort in the family environment is its main purpose, but we can also adapt the design of our single-family elevators to that of your home so that it becomes a decorative element. In addition, these machines can be equipped with emergency equipment that allows the self-rescue of the occupants in any circumstance. State-of-the-art security for the whole family.


We offer solutions for installing lifts in all kinds of residential buildings. Our team of specialists will provide you with advice on the lifts that are best adapted to your needs.


Our installations cover all special requirements for offices and public buildings (speed, capacity, traffic control, etc.). Ascensores Carbonell has all the technology required for high-performance installations and integral solutions for building architecture.

Elegance, design, functionality and efficiency. Our elevators for the public and professional environment are designed to transmit positive values from the first moment.

Based on the requirements of each client, we design elevators that comply with current regulations in terms of facilities, access and services, in addition to meeting the intensive needs of use demanded by a work center.

We manufacture our elevators destined to public buildings or of offices taking into account the daily traffic of people, the necessary elevators, the number of floors of the building, etc, to offer you an efficient installation, with maximum safety and comfort for the employees and visitors.