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Modernising installations means updating performance, design and safety. Modernisation helps to save money and improves the value of your property. Our experts will analyse your specific case and find the ideal solution, from a partial replacement of components all the way through to a complete lift replacement.

Elevators have become an indispensable element in modern life, and although they have a long lifespan, they must evolve along it to match the new legislative and usage requirements.

Modernization of old elevators

For us, modernizing old elevators means upgrading, optimizing and improving design, benefits and security, always minimizing discomforts for customers and users. The modernization of the elevator system improves its operation, increases the safety and comfort of the product and revaluates the property. In addition, it helps you save money by reducing the energy consumption of the community of neighbors by 40%.

We offer you a wide range of improvements and technical and aesthetic solutions to transform an old, loud and uncomfortable elevator into a state-of-the-art machine with a lot of new life ahead. We advise you in your modernization needs of ancient elevators and we carry them out with you.


Most common modernizations made to our customers


modernización de ascensores antiguos - Instalación de variador de frecuencia

Installation of frequency drive

The installation of a new maneuver with frequency variator, apart from reducing the faults, manages to soften the brakes and brakes of the elevator, allowing up to 40% of the cost of electricity to reduce the consumption peaks of the installation. This electronic enhancement also guarantees great precision in the stop micronivel, avoiding falls and falls when entering or leaving the cabin.

Replacement of old gearbox by GearLess

The replacement of the old reducer, by gearless machine without gears, allows to reduce the consumption thanks to its improvement of performance. (Possibility of connecting to a single-phase outlet) Additionally, it provides greater comfort of travel, very low noise level and contributes to the environment by not carrying oil.


Ultra fine

Replacement without work of automatic semiautomatic doors

Carbonell lifts offers you the possibility to replace SIN WORKS, the old semiautomatic doors, keeping frames, and installing the new sheets and automatic mechanisms. This new system eliminates the costs of masonry and allows the installation times of the new automatic doors to be reduced by more than 50%.

Download the catalog here (in Spanish)


Lower the elevator at the plant level

It is about the modernization of the oldest lifts currently being demanded, and allows access to the cabin to be lowered along the street, eliminating the inconvenient access steps to the elevator landing. We coordinate with all the industrialists of the works, we process licenses, and we deliver the elevator ready to be accessible to people with reduced mobility.

bajar ascensor a nivel de planta
bajar ascensor a nivel de planta

Cabin upgrades

What most differentiates Ascensores Carbonell is the ability to customize the product, and in the most visible part of the installation it was not going to be less. That’s why we have a new exhibition of booths, where you can configure and compare the different finishes of our large catalog.


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