rehabilitación ascensor finca antigua
instalacion-de-ascensores en finca antigua
instalacion de ascensores en finca antigua
instalacion de ascensores en finca antigua
instalacion de ascensores en finca antigua
instalacion ascensores en fincas antiguas
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Projects for older buildings or sites where no lifts have ever been installed require a prior survey and plan to solve the needs of customers and adapt to architectural conditions, always in compliance with current legislation and quality standards.

Incorporating an elevator in your farm is always a good choice. In those cases of old farms and commercial premises that do not have an elevator, our rehabilitation team will study the best solution to carry out the appropriate installation each case with a minimum impact on the architecture of the building. Of course, completely free of charge.

Our special solutions are adapted to each project and each architectural specificity. No stairwell, in minimal spaces, attached to the exterior façade … We will develop a project that provides a solution to your needs and meets all the requirements of current regulations.

With our own assembly method, we manage to minimize the installation times and the inconvenience caused to the neighbors. We apply an intensive quality control in each project and we comply to the letter with all the regulations about the prevention of risks during installation and maintenance.

By having our own elevator factory, we are flexible in terms of the variations of the order and the unforeseen problems that arise during the work in question of the supply of materials. Once the installation is finished, we apply an exhaustive system of final control and verification of the installed equipment. The installation does not end until the documentation is delivered to the customer and the correct operation of the lift is checked.