eliminación de barreras arquitectónicas
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eliminación de barreras arquitectónicas


Many buildings have important architectural barriers that hinder the mobility of elderly people, neighbors with a physical impairment, etc. At Ascensores Carbonell we are experts in the elimination of architectural barriers, ensuring that disabled people can extend their autonomy.

To do this, we combine the most innovative solutions to offer an integral service that enables these people to access the building, with the installation of stair lift platforms, as well as the extension of the lift route, thereby facilitating accessibility at the plant level.

We take care of managing all the professionals involved in the process (bricklayers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc.) to make the process easier. We study your case thoroughly and find the best solution for your neighborhood community, your detached house, etc.

Among other solutions we highlight the implementation of custom-made lifts, stairlifts, single-family lifts. etc.

Architectural barriers removal service

We provide our service to eliminate architectural barriers in Valencia at our headquarters. We have more than 80 years of experience in the sector. Remember that the current regulations require the completion of the necessary works as requested by an owner and provided that the works, once discounted subsidies, do not exceed 12 installments of ordinary expenses. Ask us!

We strictly comply with the ISO 9001 quality management standards and the 18001 standard that regulates workplace safety. We also strictly comply with the European Directive 2014/33 / EU of lifts and of course the current Spanish legislation.