Ascensores Carbonell develops solutions to satisfy all the needs and requirements of customers. We study the situation in each individual case and provide our customers with the best solution in terms of performance and cost.

We firmly believe in quality and good service as determining values ​​to maintain a lasting relationship with our customers.

We strictly comply with the ISO 9001 quality management standards and the 18001 standard that regulates workplace safety. We also strictly comply with the European Directive 2014/33 / EU of lifts and of course the current Spanish legislation.

Wide range of products in vertical elevation

  • Lifts

    We have been manufacturing elevators for more than 80 years. We work to reduce the level of loudness in the operation of our elevators. We manufacture elevators for single-family, residential, office and public buildings.

  • Car lifts

    At Ascensores Carbonell we transport people, also inside their cars. Our car lifts are an excellent option for those garages in which the installation of a ramp is technically complicated or when vertical transport is the easiest and fastest option.

    We offer a wide variety of elevators that adapt to the different load, amplitude and speed of operation needs, as well as incorporating the latest in technology and safety

  • Service lifts

    Forklifts are very useful in the industrial sector and in the service sector, such as logistics centers, hospitals or supermarkets. Through our intelligent management of maintenance, our assigned technician will perform a specific conservation, carefully reviewing key elements for safety such as cables, door locks, machine, parachutes and pulleys.

  • Miniloads

    For the transport of small weights, our minicargas and dumbwaiter are the best option. These mini-elevators are specially designed to transport small materials quickly with maximum safety.

  • Stair climbers

    Designed to facilitate the life of people with reduced mobility, the stair lift platforms for wheelchairs or seat and vertical platforms offer an optimal solution to eliminate any architectural barrier in existing buildings.

    The installation of these elevators is easy, fast and requires no work, so it can be installed on virtually any type of staircase, both within the home itself and in common areas of the building or public centers.

  • Escalators and moving walkways

    In Ascensores Carbonell we can boast of the large number of people who use our escalators and mobile platforms every day in different parts of the Spanish geography. The intense traffic of passengers and the practically no reception of incidents confirms the successful design, the technological quality and the efficient maintenance on our part in these facilities.