Ascensores Carbonell is a Valencian company founded in 1942, with decades of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of lifts and elevators.
We supply state-of-the-art products in both standard models and innovative, tailor-made solutions.


Ascensores Carbonell develops solutions to satisfy all the needs and requirements of customers. We study the situation in each individual case and provide our customers with the best solution in terms of performance and cost.


All our activities are based on the following principles:


ISO 9001 Standards and Ongoing Process Improvement Systems, with a total commitment to reliability to satisfy the needs of our customers.


18001 Standards and European Directive 95/16 on Lifts.


Training activities to update and improve the skills of all our personnel.


A basic objective in all our activities, where quality and outstanding service are the decisive values in maintaining long-lasting customer relationships.



We offer solutions for installing lifts in all kinds of residential buildings. Our team of specialists will provide you with advice on the lifts that are best adapted to your needs, and you can be assured of total flexibility to fit your specific demands.


Office buildings, hotels, shopping and leisure centres… These are projects that require special solutions, and Ascensores Carbonell has all the technology and know-how to provide high-performance devices (speed, traffic management, distance monitoring and management of equipment, integrated solutions for building architecture, etc.). Projects like these call for ongoing cooperation with the customer right from the initial phases.


24/7 customer service, 365 days a year, any time of day or night. Immediate assistance, with a team of specialists ready to solve any emergency or problem arising in the installation.

 365 days / 24hr service

  • + 9.000 units installed
  • + de 50 vehícles
  • + de 120 professionals


We service old buildings or sites where no lifts have ever been installed, studying the possibility of installing lifts in stairwells, façades or inner patios. We integrate our solutions in with architectural surroundings, including all necessary civil works, providing turnkey installations for customers.


Special projects include all kinds of unique installations that have design, function or architectural characteristics that make them different from standard solutions. These require special solutions that successfully deal with the unique architectural features of a building, the intended activities being carried out, the services required and the technical and constructive conditioning factors.


Facilitating access for the disabled includes stair climbers, elevating platforms, mini-platforms… with all the necessary advisory services to ensure that you receive the best solution in terms of performance, installation and cost.


Modernising installations means updating performance, design and safety. Modernisation helps to save money and improves the value of your property. Our experts will analyse your specific case and find the ideal solution adapted to your property and current legislations, from a partial replacement of components all the way through to a complete lift replacement.